with RHCP (filming or partying not so sure, but it's about RHCP so don't give a damn) - Rolling Stone shooting (Rolling Stone September 11) - Herself (NY) - Herself - On the runaway (Marc J) - Before f. show (whatever) with Adriana Lima (you're such a hun♥) - New Y. Eve (Monique and me before forgeting the whole night actually) Vogue shooting (Vogue March '12) Herself (hardcore blonde) - Marie Clarie shooting (Marie Clarie April 12) - Herself (flowers and touring and spring and everything i love) Meredith Doell and V (Meredith D. and me) - Terry Richardson shooting (thank youuuuu, mr. Richardson) - Monique,Nathan and V (Hello, bastard) - Herself 2in1 (Finally back in studio) - with Usein B. (Usein is a good girl, I swear) - singing in studio, screaming